Friday, May 9, 2008

Back Office Makes Things Easy

Hey, Glen Brink with another exciting post about The SpiderWeb Marketing System! Right now, I want to tell you a little bit about an amazing tool that is put into your hands: The SpiderWeb Marketing System Back Office.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System Back Office is an extremely useful and powerful part of the most effective program in the industry. As you establish yourself within The SpiderWeb Marketing System, you will become very familiar with the Back Office. It is a tool that we've created to help you be successful in this program, and a majority of your efforts in the system will be done through it.

If your experience has been anything like mine, you may have struggled a bit. I didn't know enough people. I was not good on the phone and I couldn't stand cold calling. Perhaps, like me, you engaged in some of the classic, yet often futile techniques of MLM. I gave away hundreds of dollars worth of Samples and promotional materials. I contacted old high school friends who I had not seen or talked to in years and told them I wanted to "re-connect" over lunch. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on leads. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on "Proven Turnkey Systems"I tried a different Company, then another, then another. And I just didn't find the success I desired. But The SpiderWeb Marketing System overcomes those problems, in great measure by the Back Office.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System Back Office gives you something. It gives you a home base in the program. It makes the SpiderWeb System real to you: something you can see, use, and rely on. In so many other systems, you sign up, pay your fee, and end up floating out in MLM space trying to figure it all out, with nothing to ground you to the system. With the Back Office, you are actually in The SpiderWeb Marketing System. Its easy to get with the program when you are part of the program.

Its sole reason for existing is to make success easier for you. In the Back Office, you have access to The SpiderWeb Marketing System Video Series. Everything you need to know about how to operate effectively within The SpiderWeb Marketing System is available to you through The SpiderWeb Marketing System Video Series, which will walk you through every step to set up and maximize your system and bring the money in.

Another extremely useful tool is the Prospect Manager. This is the best way to keep track of everything that is happening within your program. You can find out the status of all prospects, where they came from, and what have been your most successful strategies for generating leads.

Among other features, you will also find a list of your referral links, website visitor tracker, task manager, and calendar, to mention a few. One of my favorite features is the SpiderZone forum, which I will discuss another time.

You won't find a system or Back Office that is this comprehensive in any program. As I have mentioned, we are committed to providing the very best marketing System in the industry, and that philosophy permeates through everything we do, including the Back Office. It is a powerful key that will help you open the door to the success you deserve.

You can quickly get your own Back Office, by signing up for the free system now. Check it out at


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