Friday, November 21, 2014

Get paid to eat & share healthy food

Great new video!

As some one involved in the nutrition industry I know you are concerned about the health of your family and friends. Watch this important video at

I have found a new MLM FOOD company launching with 100+ prepackaged healthy, tasty meals formulated to provide the 43 nutrients our bodies require on a daily basis that is destined to be a billion dollar mega giant. I'm very excited about building a long term legacy in the FOOD industry! This is a WIDE OPEN UNTAPPED MARKET and is not a grocery wholesale business.

The Supplement industry is a 38-Billion per year industry, the FOOD industry is a 4.3-Trillion per year industry. The name of this new company will be strategically revealed when we pre-launch on November, as part of their global branding campaign.

We are opening in USA, then... Mexico, Japan and Korea!

If you are interested reply requesting more information. There is no financial commitment till the official launch on February 1st! 

Glen Brink



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