Monday, March 25, 2013

Announcing: Work from Home Industry App

Hey, it's Glen Brink and I've got something that's really
"TIME SENSITIVE" – so if you can give me just a
moment of your time, I'll make it worth it.

Here's the Deal:

A NEW Company is going into PRE-LAUNCH tomorrow.

And they're launching with a really breakthrough

A Personal Development SmartPhone App!

Time is short, so you can check out their 2
"commercials" about the App by watching the
movie at:

I'm a HUGE FAN of Personal Development, Motivational,
and Success Training – so I'm really pumped up about
this product. I'll definitely be promoting it heavily.

AND – the low, low price makes it affordable to
virtually EVERYONE who wants to achieve more success.

It's Only $9.95/MONTH!

That's less than 34 CENTS Per Day – and that INCLUDES
the opportunity to profit by referring others to the app.

NOW — Here's the "Time Sensitive" Part:

Because of my contacts in the industry, I was invited
to check out the company and join – BEFORE their official

I signed up under another elite marketer, with a HUGE
LIST, and started to dig around the company's back

In just a few days, I had over SIX NEW PEOPLE in my
downline – from SPILLOVER from the marketing efforts
of my sponsor.

You see, this company's compensation plan is a 3×7
"Forced Matrix".

That means that there's 3 positions on Level 1… 9
positions on Level 2… 27 on Level 3… and on and

That means that if you join UNDER a "Heavy Hitter"
with a big list and a lot of marketing expertise, you're
bound to get "SPILLOVER" as they recruit and their
matrix fills up.

And every day, as I log into my back office, there are
MORE PEOPLE in my Matrix.

Right now, my FIRST TWO LEVELS are already filled up -
and my THIRD is growing rapidly.

And this is SPILLOVER from my Sponsor.

my goal is to fill up my entire Matrix – all 7 LEVELS -
at record speed.

In the LAST COMPANY I grew, I personally enrolled over
1,200 people PERSONALLY – and my entire TEAM has over
13,000 Promoters – and it's still growing.

I plan to do BETTER with this company – in LESS TIME!

That means that those people who join me AT THE TOP will
get the BIGGEST BENEFIT from my long-term marketing

In fact, depending on HOW FAST YOU JOIN MY TEAM – you
could actually get IMMEDIATE SPILLOVER from THIS EMAIL!

Yes, if you're one of the FIRST to join my Matrix – and
get in on my 3rd Level (there's only 24 spaces left out
of 27 open spots)… you can have people who respond
LATER to this very same email – placed under you in my
own 3×7 MATRIX!

THEN – as I promote this… and the people I bring in
UNDER YOU Promote This… your Matrix can fill out
with more and more spillover!

What's that all mean in "dollars"?

Well, there's a GREAT MOVIE online at:

Go to the Pre-Launch Page, click on "Compensation" in

the Upper Menu Bar, and watch that short movie on
how you can make $2,500 to $10,000 a month as your
3×7 Matrix fills up.

It doesn't matter whether YOU fill it up… or I help
you fill it up… or WHO fills it up.

You get paid as we all place people into YOUR 3×7 MATRIX!


You can join right now… this very second…  DURING Pre-Launch!

Simply go to…

…watch the videos…

…And then if you want to join at the TOP of my 3×7 Matrix
and profit long-term from ALL of my marketing efforts, simply
click the "JOIN" link – and sign up.

If you're FAST, you'll grab a spot on my 3rd Level.

If not, you may get a spot on my 4th Level!

BUT either position is still a solid-gold winner, because
ALL of the marketing I do AFTER you join – can benefit YOU

We're in PRE-Pre-Launch Now!

You've got a FIRST-MOVER ADVANTAGE that most people simply
don't get.

BUT — On Friday..  TOMORROW… this company
goes into Official Pre-Launch – and EVERYONE will start to
hear about it.

Get in NOW – before the RUSH – and you can profit for YEARS
for joining the highest levels of my Team right now.

It's less than $10 a month… just 34 cents per day… so
don't miss out.

Grab a PRIME POSITION in my 3×7 Matrix and profit LONG-TERM
from the SPILLOVER my marketing creates by going to…

…clicking "JOIN" and signing up now!

Exciting Product. Profitable Comp Plan. Great Company.

And we're all in EARLY, EARLY!

Grab and spot and hang on! I feel this one is gonna be B-I-G!


Glen Brink!!!


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